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Notice of Audit Committee Session - December 17, 2019


Duo Honored for Leadership and Character

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Seniors Matthew Baylous and Elle Schepis were each honored with the Suffolk Zone Senior Physical Education Award by the Suffolk Zone Chapter of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. The organization honors one senior male and one senior female from each district in Suffolk County. The students were selected for their outstanding character, leadership skills in schoolwide as well as physical education and health class activities, scholastic achievements and being role models for their peers.

Letter from SWRCSD to Elected Officials: Proposed HPV Vaccination Legislation


Developing Science Proficiency Through ADI

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Prodell Middle School science teacher Mr. Anthony Rohm is guiding science proficiency by implementing Argument-Driven Inquiry, a student-centered approach to learning by communicating ideas through discussion. Students are empowered to take ownership in explaining their ideas about scientific concepts through scientific inquiry. A recent project had students work in groups to engineer an insulator that must be able to effectively lessen the amount of ice that melted inside it over a 24-hour period. Through their claim, evidence and reasoning approach, they were able to better understand the standards that cover thermal energy, heat transfer, temperature and the forms of heat transfer.