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Photos from Cooperative Challenge

A memorable, adrenaline releasing experience for all


Field Day!


Lighting the Olympic Torch 

Obstacle Course 




They're Off! 

Getting Ready for Lunch 

Tug of War 


Posing at the hospital tent for a quick photo from Civil War Day 


Arial photo of our Fifth Graders

(with special thanks to Mr. Brian Mullen who was circling us in a helicopter) 


Just finished the Lion King 


Cruise with the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty in the background


Mrs. Constant/Trani's class releasing butterflies 


Red Nose Day 


 Orion in the Dark

(read in the dark)


Philadelphia Adventure Photos


Creating a hand mural for "Kindness Matters 365 days a year!"



Crazy Hair Day: creative and refreshing!


On a scavenger hunt from Evening of the Arts

(FYI those are kindness chains hanging in the background) 


Some contestants (in between dancing and answering questions)           from the Brain Show             


Scientists hard at work for their eco-columns. 


Taking a few moments to fly a kite in art class with Mrs. Petruzzellis


Special Someone Formal



5th grade writers showing their "Poetic Licenses" 


Mr. Sanchez during one of the presentations on Autism Awareness 




Celebrating success with a friend (3 swimming medals!) 


Collecting sap from a tree at Longwood Estates and boiling down the sap to make maple syrup.



The Ellis Island Experience


Discovering a real turtle shell on the Longwood Estates Trip 


Taking time to relax and enjoy Science Fair thanks to

Mrs. McCarrick and the Van de Graaf generator.


Two times in a row chosen as our BNL representative! 



Future aerospace engineer with some of those that help him fly 


Science Fair Judging



Some of our talented circus performers




Congratulations to Brandon Frazetto, winner of a $1,000 hockey scholarship! 


Writing away with our Laptop Lab 


Adorable visitor 


Morning rehearsal with Mr. Traina (filling in for Mrs.Smith)


Mr. Verity: Don't even think about moving 



Talk about a balancing act!

A moment from our "Mad Science" Presentation 


Getting ready to "blog" away using one of our portable laptop labs 


Giving a "Thumbs up" to learning in Mrs. Constant/ Mrs. Trani's Class 


Rolling into a new year


A couple of our creative parent volunteers delivering some of the pizza



Take our picture! 


Finding Monsters in the Library!



SRO 2016 Cast Party 


5th Grade SRO Performance of OLIVER




The Faculty, staff and parent volunteers did such an amazing job with the sets that even Darth Vader and friends wanted to see what the excitement was all about! 


Our PARP wall complete with a fully lit light saber thanks to our outstanding readers, faculty, staff, parents and Mrs. Pederson, our creative PTA PARP chair. 


A four legged friend visited Mrs. Kranidis' classroom. Many smiles could be found. 


 Whittle Gym and Parp!






Principal for the Day! 


Thanksgiving Food Train


Native American Studies 


Halloween "Monster Mash"


Character Counts Week 


Third Graders learn all about light and sound at Brookhaven National Lab


Fourth graders learn about ecosystems at Fire Island National Seashore




September 17th, Constitution Day!



First day of school with a special visit from Ken Grimball of News 12.

Excited to start the new school year!