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Absences and Lateness

Excused Absences (e.g., sick):

When your child is absent from school (e.g., sick), please call 631-821-8256 to report the absence prior to 9:15 am or e-mail the Nurse’s Office at:  NYS also requires that the school be informed in writing of the reason for the child’s absence or tardiness.  Please send a note with your child on the first day back to school after being absent or tardy.  In case of a contagious disease, please notify the school nurse immediately.

Unexcused Absences (e.g., family vacation):

Taking children out of school to go on vacation puts the child at a disadvantage.  While we recognize that the experiences are valuable, the school year is limited enough and the time lost cannot be recovered given the quick pace and in-depth coverage of curriculum.  Please use the same procedures as above (e.g., phone call or note) to report an absence.


When a child is late to school (arriving after 9:15 AM), please sign in with the Greeting Monitor.  Parents will be asked to facilitate the child’s on-time arrival in the future if the student continues to arrive late.  Lateness can negatively impact a child’s learning and the general classroom routine (possibly hurting other children in the class), so being on-time is an important part of starting the day right.